A Taste of Our Tales

Wondering what each of the stories in Cthulhurotica is about?

* “The Cry in the Darkness” – After Wilbur Whateley’s death, young Mamie Bishop pins her hopes for a happy life on a simple farmhand. He soon discovers his new wife isn’t satisfied at home, and makes her way through the darkness each night to an unspeakable mate.

* “Optional on the Beach at the Festival of Shug Niggurath” – Nyarlothotep was expecting nothing more than a pleasant weekend in a seaside tourist town, but instead finds a charming young distraction.

* “Le Ciél Ouvert” by Kirsten Brown – Five years after the rift opens in the skies above Arkham, the last sane survivor decides to renegotiate her relationship with the abyss, on her terms.

* “The Summoned” by Clint Collins – After Henry Wilcox’s unexpected breakdown, his college friends discover his strange obsessions. Pamela, a young sculptor with a taste for the unusual, uses Henry’s designs to build herself a firm and fleshy monster of her own.

* “The Fishwives of Sean Brolly” by Nathan Crowder – Linda thinks her submissive husband makes a better assistant than a lover, but while she’s distracted by her latest writing project, he discovers the women of his dreams.

* “Between a Rock and an Elder Goddess” by Mae Empson – Dennis has spent his whole life studying ancient texts, searching out mysteries. When he finally finds one, she’s tentacled, seductive, and far more mysterious than he’d imagined.

* “Ipsa Scientia” – Kara finally meets a man whose knowledge of physics is out of this world.

* “Infernal Attractors”  – When sexy Shirley comes to him with a handful of government secrets and a taste for danger, Marc builds a strange machine to win her love.

* “The Descent of the Wayward Sister” by Gabrielle Harbowy – A curious sister with a taste for the underbelly of society comes visiting her wealthy, educated, brother, and finds his secrets are not as well-kept as they should be.

* “Tuning In, Turning On, and Dropping Out at the Mountains of Madness” – Euphoria thought spending in the 70s in Ashland, OR, would be a far-out trip, man. She soon discovers a god among men, and a star in the stone.

* “The Dreamlands of Mars” – Far in the future, a young woman’s life on dry, boring, Mars changes when her father’s mysterious silver key arrives to take her to a greener place.

* “Riemannian Dreams” – An academic’s dreams turn unbearably erotic, and as he struggles to understand their meaning, he receives a pair of visitors who want something more than sex from him.

* “Sense” – A tempting wife and a missing professor fuel this gritty noir adventure through car chases, motel sheets, and betrayal.

* “Song of the Catherine Clark” – Dryden’s been searching his whole life for the mysterious Catherine Clark. When he finally finds the Clark, and her provacative masthead, he discovers the ship’s terrible hunger can’t be denied.

* “Flash Frame” – A freelance reporter in Mexico City discovers a rare art film with mysterious powers. As the film plays, a dream invades the viewers’ lives. The dream is yellow.

* “The C-Word” – Elliot left Anna Waite-Saothwick, and Innsmouth, behind when she broke off their relationship. A massive storm reunites the lovers, but Elliot finds Anna’s connection to the ocean, and Devil’s Reef, is more profound than he’d ever guessed.

* “The Lake at Roopkund” – When Isha’s college roommate at Miskatonic U comes to India for a visit, resentful husband Jaswinder insists on inviting himself to their party, but doesn’t get what he came for.

* “The Assistant from Innsmouth” – In the fall of 1937, a young clerk is sent to catalogue the Whateley estate. He discovers, amongst the strange objects and ornate books, a woman whose presence puts him in a position he didn’t expect.

* “Transfigured Night” – When Vic’s ship crashes on a desolate island, and his friend’s life is lost, he thinks things can’t get any worse. Then he discovers a beautiful dead boy, an underground temple, and what comes after “worse”.

* “Amid Disquieting Dreams” – Jim’s Fisheater has been coming to him, in dreams, for years. The dreams are terrible, filled with blood, fear and death, and eventually, Jim can’t tell the difference between dream and reality any longer.

* “Daddy’s Girl” – Milleu’s father is a half-human, half-tentacled monster, and the family business is a special kind of slave trade. When forced to rush her latest project on account of a deadline, her dark humor pushes her to make a monstrous decision of her own.

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