Now Available! Cthulhurotica in Print, EPUB and Kindle

Today’s the day! With our official launch on, Cthulhurotica is currently available 3 ways:


344 page, 5″ x 8″ paperback. $16.99 US, plus shipping

ISBN-10 0983137307 (ISBN-13 9780983137306)


KINDLE edition, $6.99



.EPUB (for Nook, iBooks, and many more!) Instant download, and only $6.99!

ISBN-10 0-9831373-1-5 (ISBN-13 978-0-9831373-1-3)

(Please note: When opening the .epub on a Nook, you need to place it in the “My Documents” section, and not in the “My Library” section.)

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