Interview: Matt Marovich

Name: Matthew Marovich

Author of: “Sense”

Age: 30

Geographic Location: The Bay Area, California

Twitter: @MattMarovich


Past publications: In 2007 I sold my first short story, “Reflections,” to The Edge of Propinquity ( Earlier this year I sold a work of short short fiction, “Tilling”,  to Blood Bound Books for their Seasons in the Abyss anthology.

What’s your favorite H.P. Lovecraft story or other Mythos story? “The Music of Erich Zann”.

What comes to mind when you think “Lovecraft” + “Erotica”? Tentacles. Horrible, horrible tentacles.

How did you hear about Cthulhurotica? I have to admit that I’m a huge fan of Lovecraft’s work, a fact that is well known to my friends based on the number of Cthulhu Mythos-themed gifts they give me. A friend of mine who is also a writer sent me a link to the call for submissions page. I was intrigued.

What inspired your story? I’m not certain where the inspiration originally came from except for the fact that I really like the idea of private detectives, especially in the early 20th century.  I know that when I originally thought of the general idea for “Sense” it was going to take a much more humorous, less-serious approach (while still having the same ending) with the title of “If You Love Me Let Mi-Go”. I decided against that title, partially because my friends are fond of throwing things at me when I pun.

What music or movies helped you to write this story? I don’t really like to listen to music when I write but I did spend a lot of time listening to songs by Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and other similar artists while I was thinking up this particular story.

How many rewrites did you do before submitting? Three, I think?

What is your favorite bit?

We both came, wordless screams of pleasure and release pouring from us, mine chasing hers. I collapsed sideways, half on her, half off, and sleep fell immediately across us like a shroud.

I can still feel her body, how soft she was against my side, the clean scent of her hair, the musk of our sweat and sex. I can still feel her breath stirring the hairs on my chest. That’s what I want to remember.