Interview: K. V. Taylor

Name: KV Taylor. Katey or Kate is better, though.

Author of: “Transfigured Night”

Age: 30

Geographic Location: Arlington, VA

Original Hometown, if different: Wellsburg, WV

Twitter: @taylorkv


Past publications: Short fiction with Morrigan Books, Graveside Tales, The New Bedlam Project, Reflection’s Edge, and several other fine publishers – full listing is here (

What’s your favorite H.P. Lovecraft story or other Mythos story? The Rats in the Walls, definitely.

What comes to mind when you think “Lovecraft” + “Erotica”?

1. Rats–wait, no, that’s not sexy.

2. Tentacles! Wait, no, everyone will do tentacles. (Are tentacles actually sexy? Hm.)

3. Ah, sex is creepy, Lovecraft is creepy, it’s a match made in R’lyeh.

How did you hear about Cthulhurotica? I saw the link on duotrope initially, but was shy about subbing until I read more and more on twitter and the website.

What inspired your story? I was re-reading some Lovecraft and ran across The Temple. I love the journal-style first person horror Lovecraft did, how he lent a specific feeling to each of his narrators through it. Really drags me into their madness. He went a little overboard with the whole Stoic WWI German thing on that one, but it’s still scary as hell. And he made it such a point to note that the dead guy who dropped the little idol was beautiful…

What music or movies helped you to write this story? It’s named after the piece that helped me– Arnold Schoenberg’s Verklärte Nacht. It’s disturbing enough to give me goosebumps, but it’s always beautiful. Seemed like a good vibe for Lovecraftian erotica.

How many rewrites did you do before submitting? Surprisingly few, since I obsess over that kind of thing; but it’s a simple story, so it was easier than usual not to step in it too badly. It was the edit from Dagan Books that really made me think it was any good. Ah beautiful editors, you make writers look good in spite of ourselves!

What is your favorite bit?

“I either need to jerk off more, or throw myself into the ocean and get it over with.”

3 thoughts on “Interview: K. V. Taylor”

Jeremy D Brooks

heheh…you said tentacles…

Cate Gardner

Excellent favourite line. Looking forward to reading this, Katey.

Madison Woods

Kate, looking forward to reading your story. I’ve had my e-copy for a while and still haven’t had time to read much of it yet. When the hard copy comes in, I’ll carry it everywhere with me until I get through it all.

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