Looking for a musical interlude?

“There are some things man was not meant to adapt to musical theatre.”

Look no further! The H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society offers you the greatest piece of Mythos Musical magic that there has ever been. From the HPLHS website:

The Shoggoth on the Roof Super Combo Pack delivers it all. In one convenient package you get: the HPLHS Cast Album CD, the full libretto of the show, and a free DVD of the Shoggoth on the Roof documentary, featuring Chris Sarandon and Stuart Gordon.

If you have no idea what any of this is about, you canĀ read the full story here, but in brief, the stories of HP Lovecraft collide with the cherished Broadway musicalĀ Fiddler on the Roof. The result is an improbable, delightful and disturbing full-length Broadway-style musical featuring Lovecraftian horrors set to familiar tunes. For nearly 30 years, theatre companies have met their doom in attempting to stage this strange and terrible tale of love, family and tentacles. Here, for your enjoyment is a recording of all the numbers from the show.

The CD is, well, you know, just a normal CD with a pretty booklet, the libretto is a 76 page side-stapled book with glossy color cover, and the documentary is a non-regional, NTSC format, roughly 21 minutes long.

Buy yours today! Click HERE or the image above.

* Please note: Dagan Books is not associated with the HPLHS in any way, and makes no profit from the sale of their musical. This is just something the editor of Cthulhurotica finds delightful, and thinks you will too.